Nocbox AI
The Gateway to AI


Starting at $3999

Includes Inferencing + LoRaWAN Gateway + WIFI

Pioneering Edge AIO

The worlds first Edge All in One - three devices in one.

Edge All in One

Multiple devices in one; a Wireless Router and Firewall, IoT Wireless Gateway, and GenAI endpoint.

Powerful Inferencing

Phenominal secure Edge inferencing. Powered by NVIDIA's next generation architecture.

Enhanced Security

Unified Threat Management with end to end protected data transmission for your entire AI/IoT network.

Integrated LPWAN Gateway

Connect hundreds of IoT devices from miles away and integrate with cloud services like AWS Greengrass.

How Nocbox AI Works

Watch how Nocbox AI revolutionizes AI

Nocbox AI

Three Powerful Devices in One

Generative AI + Inferencing

Extremely fast Generative AI

Edge IoT Gateway + Inferencing

Faster IoT response times

Wireless Firewall

Wireless router and next generation firewall

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Why Nocbox AI

Leading the way to Industry 4.0


Secure by design


Edge Inferencing


IoT Symphony


Direct Connect

All in One



Generative AI

Starting at $3999

Includes Inferencing + LoRaWAN Gateway + WIFI