100,000+ Apps of
Private Cloud Bliss



The worlds most advanced cloud.

Advanced Edge Computing

Privacy among the clouds

Privacy and cloud computing are no longer mutually exclusive. NocBox is changing the cloud status quo, making way for the new generation.

Next Generation HCI

NocBox's patented hyper converged infrastructure technology combines the functionality of a Router, NAS, Cloud, App Server(s), VPN, and more.

Cloud on your terms

The ultimate collaboration tool and you have complete control over it. Kubernetes®, Docker®, and OpenStack® as well as OwnCloud®

Give back to the community

NocBox was built upon rock solid GNU/Linux/Unix. A portion of proceeds of every NocBox sold will be donated to any given open source project.

How NocBox Works

Watch how NocBox brings balance to the internet


What is NocBox?

NocBox is a private cloud appliance that uses hyper-convergence to combine security, network, storage, compute, and virtualization.
It protects and serves your network of devices & provides secure access anywhere around the world.

  • Military Grade Firewall/Router
    Unified Threat Management & VPN.
  • Enterprise Private Cloud.
    Cloud. On your terms.
  • Enterprise Directory Services
    Active Directory, LDAP, and Kerberos.
  • Military Static or Mobile TOC
    Tactical Operations Center.
  • 50TB+ Network Storage (NAS)
    Macintosh®, Windows®, and Linux®.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastucture
    VDI with NocBox technology.
  • Open Cloud Platform
    From Kubernetes® to OpenStack®
  • Open Platform
    Over 100,000+ apps available.

Why NocBox?

NocBox is the only full featured cloud with the lowest network latency for mission critical applications.

Enterprise CPU

Powerful Enterprise CPU

ECC Memory

Enterprise Grade Memory

Speed Cloud

Server grade NICs


Super Fast Redundant Storage

Power Efficiency

80 Plus PSU, Active PFC

Wireless LAN

Not your ordinary cloud


Unparalleled Compatibility

Years of development and tested with a magnitude of devices.

NocBox is clearly ahead of its time.


iPhone ™ and Android ™


iPad ™, Android ™, Surface ™


Windows™, Mac™, Linux™

Smart TV

Apple TV and Roku 4

Virtual Desktops

Thin and Zero Clients

Developer Love

Rasperry Pi & Arduino

The People Have Spoken

Tested, Tried, & True

"The Nocbox has been trouble free and reliable. No outside attacks have made it to our equipment."

"NocBox has helped us consolidate a lot of our services, saving us time and money."

"As a health care provider, I need flexibility to access my data remotely while protecting confidentiality of my patients. NocBox's private network and personal cloud have allowed me to do both. Making life easer for me and improving patient access."

"NocBox is providing us with daily security reports, enabling us to keep an eye on our systems and network."

"The NocBox provided our technology department with a large set of software tools."

Dr. Michael Haji-Sheikh
Engineering Professor - NIU
Richard Abrahamson
President - RJA Design
Dr. Mardjan Foroutan
CEO - Foroutan & Associates
Gregg Westberg
Electronics Lab Manager - NIU
Jennifer LaPage
Manager - Foroutan & Associates

Enterprise Features
for All Industries

NocBox can be tailored to excel in any industry.

Unique Features
  • NocBox to NocBox encrypted connectivity - Site to Site private and secure connectivity.
  • Military Grade Security and Tools - UTM & Technical Operations Center.
  • ERP / CRM & Inventory System- Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Point of Sale - Secure Retail.
  • Complete IT Tool Box - Ticketing system, IT Automation, and more.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Host - VDI with NocBox patented technology.

NocBox Front View
  • Financial/Banking
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Restaurant/Entertainment
  • Universities/Education
  • Municipal/City Governments
  • Information Technology Departments
  • Aeronautics/Satellite
  • Manufacturing

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5 Bay NocBox with 2 x 3TB Enterprise HDDs

Real World Applications

NocBox in Action: Protecting a multi-million dollar clean room.

NocBox Clean Room
NocBox Security
NocBox tailored for NIU's Engineering Clean Room.
See the configuration list below:

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